by Zamaneh Media — 8 April 2021

Zamaneh Media’s 16th Labor Rights Report, covering major labor rights issues, protests, and trends between January and March 2021 is available for download.

One year after the onset of the new coronavirus pandemic, a new wave of the disease begun in Iran in Feb 2021, hitting Iran’s economy hard; an economy that has been already stagnant due to US economic sanctions and structural corruption.

Women in the workforce were hit particularly hard. More than one million women were expelled from the labor market. The population of economically active women — women who have…

28February 2021

What is going to be the future of Encyclopaedia Iranica (Iranica), the only comprehensive English language encyclopedia that covers anything Iranian studies related from ancient civilizations to modern times?

Ehsan Yarshater the founder of Encyclopaedia Iranica; photo with permission from the Ehsan Yarshater Center for Iranian Studies.

This knowledge production project faced a legal battle involving the Encyclopaedia Iranica Foundation (EIF) and Columbia University over copyright ownership. Zamaneh Media has investigated this legal challenge, the background of the conflict, and what it can mean for the future of this project. You can read, Zamaneh investigations in two reports:

Iranica is the legacy of Persian scholar Ehsan Yarshater (1920–2018). Yarshater founded the Center for Iranian Studies at…

by Monireh Kazemi — 22February2021

My cell phone vibrated, but I was busy. Later, it vibrated again. It was a WhatsApp message from a young Iranian friend also living in Germany. She had been living and working as a scientist in North Rhine-Westphalia for four years. She was asking me if I had time to meet her in town later that afternoon. My friend had to go to the Iranian consulate in Frankfurt to renew her Iranian passport.

This article has been originally published in German in NZZ.

Astonished, I asked her, “What, now? In the middle of the pandemic…

by Mahtab Divsalar — 11February, 2021

This is an English translation of Abbas Amanat’s interview in Persian with Zamaneh in November 2020 about the Encyclopaedia Iranica. At the time the fate of this publication was entangled in a legal dispute between the encyclopaedia’s host institution, Columbia University, and the Encyclopaedia Iranica Foundation. The legal dispute has endangered the future of one of the most important academic projects on Iranian history. …

by Farzad Seifikaran — 8 January 2021

👉🏽 About this research:
November 2019 witnessed the largest nationwide protests against the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) regime since the 1979 revolution. The death toll of these protests reached into the hundreds. Who started the violence during the November protests? Which forces and institutions played a role in suppressing these protests? What kinds of weapons and tools were used to kill the protesters? This research seeks to answer these questions by examining more than 1700 photos and videos of the protests, consulting experts, and conducting interviews with eyewitnesses.

Protesters’ blood on the pavement — Marivan, November 2019

At midnight on Friday…

by Mahtab Divsalar — 24December 2020

A legal dispute between an Ivy League university and a foundation in New York has endangered the future of one of the most important academic projects on Iranian Civilization: Encyclopedia Iranica.

Ehsan Yarshater

The project is an encyclopedia that has been assembled and published at Columbia University for decades.

by Mahtab Dehghan 26 November 2020

Over the past few weeks, the hashtag “#انسولین_نیست” (“there is no insulin” in Persian), has spread via social media. This trend suggests a dire prospect for hundreds of thousands of diabetic patients in Iran: the diminishment of their access to this vital drug. Following its investigation into insulin production in Iran, Zamaneh Media looked into this issue.

Following the insulin shortage in Iran, Dr. Amir Kamran Nikoosokhan, the CEO of the Iranian Diabetes Association, asked the prominent insulin pen supplying companies such as Novo Nordisk and Sanofi to not cease the importation of insulin…

by Zamaneh Media 27October 2020

Over the past two months, poverty, unemployment, and labor protests have spread throughout Iran as the covid-19 numbers are rising and making the situation worse for those workers who have lost jobs as well as those who still have jobs.

Teachers of private schools protest in the city of Varamin.

Zamaneh Media’s 14th bimonthly Labor Rights Newsletter covers covid-19 related unemployment, delayed wages, and labor protests which occurred in August and September 2020.

by Ahmad Sadri* 2November 2020

Maïmouna Doucouré won the 2020 Directing Award at the Sundance film festival for her debut feature “Cuties” (2020). Ironically, the movie has been reviled for what it is criticizing: the hypersexualization of children. The lead character Amy is a pre-adolescent Senegalese girl who joins a slightly deviant clique that is eroticizing their outfits and moves to win a contest. This brings them dangerously close to the worlds of pornography and prostitution. …

by Zamaneh Media 3November 2020

About 1,000 Zamaneh Media audience members took part in a poll, expressing their views on the upcoming United States presidential election as it relates to Iranian domestic and foreign policies. Despite the Trump administration’s maximum pressure campaign, which has systematic corruption and mismanagement, leading to a recession in Iran, most of the respondents to this Zamaneh Media poll want Donald Trump to remain in the White House. Nearly two-thirds of the respondents support the Trump administration despite Iran’s current economic conditions, which have negatively affected many working-class families.

However, support for the Trump administration’s Iran…

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