Civil Activists Arrested in Iran

by Zamaneh Media — 9May2022

Civil activist couple Keyvan Mohtadi and Anisha Asadollahi, two active writers and translators, were arrested by security agents at their Tehran home on Monday, May 10.

In an Instagram story shared by Keyvan Mohtadi, a short video shows the security officers arriving to arrest them, in which Keyvan is overheard saying “They’ve come to arrest us”.

Watch the video via this YouTube link:

Keyvan Mohtadi had previously been detained for a short time along with other members of the “Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company” on December 11, 2018. He has been under tight security pressure since.

Anisha Asadollahi was also arrested on May 1, International Workers’ Day in 2019, and imprisoned again on June 18. She too has been under security pressure for a long time.

No information is available thus far about the institution that arrested Mohtadi and Asadollahi, nor the reason for their arrest.

Keyvan Mohtadi is a writer, translator, and civil activist. Anisha Asadollahi is also an activist.

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