Sweden Tries a Man for State-Sponsored Execution of Political Prisoners in Iran

by Zamaneh Media — 13August 2021

Hamid Noury, a 60 year old Iranian former Judiciary official is on Trial in Sweden over his alleged involvement in the mass execution of political prisoners in Iran in the summer of 1988. Noury was a deputy prosecutor at Gohardasht prison outside of the city of Karaj and near the capital city Tehran in the 1980s. While working in Gohardasht prison, Noury reportedly took part in the ill-treatment, lashing, torture, and execution of political prisoners.

For survivors of the mass executions and families whose loved ones were executed, this is a significant trial as it is the first time an Islamic Republic of Iran official involved in the mass killing of more than 5,000 political prisoners is charged with a crime.

In a statement about the trial the Swedish prosecutor said that Noury along with other perpetrators in the Islamic Republic Judiciary and prison systems are involved in “intentionally killing …a large number of prisoners who sympathized with various left-wing groups and who were regarded as apostates.”

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