Zamaneh Media Joins the Perugia Declaration for Ukraine

by Zamaneh Media — 12April2022

On April 9th, 2022, Zamaneh Media joined over 100 organizations from all over the world in expressing solidarity with all journalists and independent media covering Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. The declaration was launched at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy, and is an initiative of the festival and the Global Forum for Media Development.

Mira Milosevic, GFMD Executive Director, presents the Perugia Declaration for Ukraine. Source: GFMD

Well over 600 people gathered in Perugia in the first week of April 2022 for what some referred to as the “Davos of Journalism”, the International Journalism Festival. The festival every year brings together media outlets, media development organizations, donors, students of journalism and many others from all over the world to discuss developments in the field of journalism. This year, the situations in Ukraine and Afghanistan featured prominently on the agenda.

The Perugia Declaration for Ukraine was presented at the conference on behalf of 145 organizations and an equal number of individual signatories so far. Zamaneh Media, present at the conference, supports the declaration. The statement calls on all states and the international community to protect and support journalists and independent media in the crisis and for an end to violence against journalists:

The targeting, torturing, and killing of journalists is abhorrent and must be stopped. Those responsible must be held accountable and brought to justice under national and international law. Vicious online attacks against news organizations and individual journalists must also cease. We condemn Russia’s attacks on press freedom and freedom of expression in Ukraine in the strongest possible terms. The safety and security of all journalists to report freely are essential to ensure that the world understands the reality and facts of the ongoing war, including the humanitarian consequences.

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‏Zamaneh Media is a Persian language media organization based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. READ MORE:

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Zamaneh Media

Zamaneh Media

‏Zamaneh Media is a Persian language media organization based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. READ MORE:

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